Parents Rules  
Parents Should —
  • Co-operate with the school in enforcing regularity and discipline in the children that they prepare their lessons at home and take active interest in the activities of the school.
  • Help the child to bring the required books and exercise books daily to the school. These should be properly covered with brown paper, with the name, class written with a pen. The brown paper should be changed when torn or untidy.
  • Check the child's School Diary and take the writing of the teacher(s) seriously.
  • Encourage the child to talk to you in English. English speaking is a must in today's society and it can be learnt only if this language is used by the children even at home.
  • Help the child to come to School in proper uniform. Make sure that his/ her shoes are properly polished.
  • Send an application well in time in case the child has to remain absent from the school.
  • Teach the child good etiquettes and manners.
  • Teach the child sense of responsibility by giving him/her some responsibility at home.
  • Attend the parent / teacher meetings to ensure child’s progress in school.
  • Take prior permission from the principal before leaving the school.

Parents should not —

  • Take appointments with doctors during school hours.
  • Go to the class rooms to see the child for handing him/her over anything. Such things should be left with the gate peon who will take it to the Principal.
  • Insist on taking their ward during school hours. He/ she may be kept at home if his/her presence is required there.
  • Should not send the students affected by infectious diseases or exposed to such diseases in their homes before they complete the quarantine period before rejoining the school. This should also be indicated on the medical certificate.
  • Criticism of a student’s teacher or of the school in his/her presence. Such criticism lessens a student’s respect for his/her teacher.
  • Give any money to the peons/ ayas. If in emergency this has to be resorted to, please insist on its receipt from the class teacher through the school diary.

Some other Important Instructions

  • If you have any serious problem with your child at home come to us, perhaps we can solve it together.
  • Own the school as yours and any problem concerning education of your child be brought to the notice of the class Teacher/ Principal without hesitation.
  • The School does not believe in corporal punishment to the child for indiscipline, for not doing the work regularly or even misbehaviour or serious misconduct. As a practice a note is sent to the parents in the Diary as a corrective measure in all such cases. In case of habitual delinquency the School will resort to fine and in an extreme case the parents may be requested to withdraw such children from the School.
  • Parents please ensure that all articles and personal belongings of the child bear his/her name, class, section etc. The School will not be responsible for unmarked articles claimed by a wrong person. Also if lost articles are not claimed within a week, the School will not be responsible for them.
  • A minimum advance notice of 24 hours in the form of a written application to the office is imperative for issuing any certificate. Such certificates are, however, issued only during the working hours on class days after verifying the clearance of all dues.
  • Birthdays are celebrated with a difference in our school. No Birthday celebrations are allowed in the school. On the occasion of birthday of your child you can give a good book for the school library, or send a plant to enhance the greenery of the school or donate something for the slum area children.
  • The school management, Principal and the staff will not be held responsible in any way for any accident or mishap-taking place outside the school premises during the school hours or while going back home by bus or any other vehicle. 
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